Our Services

We can connect you to multiple and diverse Toronto-specific, supportive agencies working together to reduce HIV transmission rates among women.

The Women and HIV/AIDS Initiative at ACT is a women-focused program based in Toronto. It supports the work of service providers through education and training about HIV and sexual health. The program is free to any of the city’s diverse communities and organizations where women go for services. Our aim is to reduce stigma and the lack of information regarding women and HIV.

We are here to help build supportive environments for women – spaces that encourage open discussions about individual’s sexual-health needs.

We customize our services to the needs of your organization, enhancing professional learning about HIV and sexual health. With increased awareness, your staff, volunteers and clients can help reduce HIV stigma, ignorance, stereotypes and discrimination.

We offer the following to service providers:

  • consultations
  • resources
  • referrals
  • trainings
  • workshop sessions

Understanding how HIV affects women in particular ways means knowing that:

  • Marginalized women are at greater risk for HIV transmission.
  • The majority of HIV-positive women have been infected through unprotected sex with their male sexual partner – most often a spouse.
  • More than half of newly infected women are from “HIV endemic” countries – mostly in Africa and the Caribbean.
  • Women are biologically more vulnerable to HIV infection than men.

We are experts in HIV and sexual health. We travel to you. We customize our services to your needs. All our services are FREE. Be a part of the solution! Contact us to set up a consultation with your agency.

Please contact us! We’re here to support you and your clients.

Women and HIV/AIDS Initiative at ACT

Email: she@actoronto.com
Phone: 416-340-2437 x. 453